At six months the time has nearly trippled since we last caught up with A and B. | NattFitness

PART 1: What would you say if you were able to conduct an experiment on yourself?
PART 2: It’s been approximately ten days since the shift in behaviors.


At six months the time has nearly trippled since we last caught up with A and B. Let’s catch up on the trajectory of their lives since we last visited them. But first, lets recap what happened around two months’ time between the two.

A had joined some yoga classes and began seeing a tremendous amount of physiological benefits to her body and all-around health. She has accumulated new and motivating friends who run with her 3-4 days out of her 5-6 she routinely runs per week. There are a number of increases in A’s life in addition to the health changes. A large amount of them were regarding the rapport with colleagues.

A started staying later and going into work earlier. Not only is she finding constructive ways to be more effective at her role in her company, she is also helping others with their assignments without being asked or incentivized. This has increased her social ability and likeability at work. She was invited to a charity ball with co-workers and made plans to go gown shopping. B has not had the same types of outcome with her decisions.

B was going through the motions in her daily life when one bad decision compounded time and time again. She was met with some adversity when she was informed by a superior at work that she made significant mistakes on a deal. Knowing that they had to rectified or else her job could end in jeopardy; B begins to feel the stress really take hold. This stress in addition to a series of other bad decisions has made her sick. Without any compassion or regard, B is still prompted to come in over the weekend where she will likely spend a majority of it glued to her desk resolving work issues. Now that we’re up to date, let’s have a thorough look at their lives in six months’ time.

A has attended the ball and had the time of her life. She even met a genuine guy who seems to have a liking to running even more then she does. Since meeting, they have exchanged information and talk on the phone frequently throughout the week. Although they are both busy, and see each other during the week, the new guy in her life meets up with her on the other two days a week she doesn’t run with her group to share his morning and thoughts.

After months of connecting and becoming an influence on one another, this new guy asks her to a special dinner this upcoming Saturday. A agrees. At the dinner this gentleman begins to open up about his connection to her, and how he wishes to have her more involved in his life as he mutually wants to be in hers. A is blown away, but not surprised. Her feelings have only grown. In an instant, A agrees to take the next step, and begins a brand new and exciting intimate relationship with her new boyfriend.

To say that things are getting for A is just the beginning. On a random day, A shows up to a morning group for their run. There’s a new individual there she has never met nor seen. After a brief introduction and shake of the hands, the group takes off. A seems to be on a high and crushes her past runs with a high amount of efficacy and simplicity. After the run, the new girl has revealed herself as a running coach to one of A’s friends in the group. She commends A on her focus and dedication. Afterwards, she quickly knocks A off guard with the suggestion to enter a half marathon race. A would have never thought about running a half marathon. Encouraged by the others in the group, she agrees to think about it over night and come back with an answer by weeks end. After a long day at work, A gets on the phone with her new boyfriend and begins to tell him the news. He encourages her to continue stretching herself to accomplish and take on new challenging goals. He even agrees to tackle the goal with her. Needless to say, A has now entered preparation for a half marathon and plans to run the race in four months’ time. Let’s evaluate the circumstances in B’s life.

B has been under an enormous amount of pressure at work. Her lapse in attention to detail has kept many of her superior’s eyes on her. She was able to wake up, late, and get to the office that Saturday. But unknowingly, B was walking in 15 minutes late to be met with her boss who would also be spending the day at the office. After a long two days of work all day Saturday and Sunday, B managed to resolve her mistakes and get her contributions to the deal done. But since then work has become uncomfortable for her. The gossip of her mistake has found its way around the office. Feeling alienated, B chooses to counter the gossip with a few co-workers. Quickly a subminimal but obvious tension surfaces at work. The office becomes divided, and B cannot notice that to her dismay a lot of upper management sides with the opinions of her now rival co-workers.

B spends much of her afternoons keeping her head down and counting the time where she can get away from the cube. As an increase to the high-pressure lifestyle, B has seemingly taken an interest into cooking less and eating out more. Her usual meet ups for drinks on the weekend and happy hours on Thursdays with friends have found themselves into her evenings four nights of the week. Although B is not getting into any trouble at work, she is quickly feeling an increase in day to day anxiety. She wakes up frequently in the night in sweats and finds herself attracting a cold that she cannot appear to shake. Via recommendation of a friend B agrees to go to the doctor to possibly get on antibiotics in hope they will help. During the process of check in, the nurse enlightens B of some serious facts about her health. B is now sitting 20 lbs. heavier than she was during her last 6-month checkup. Her blood pressure is now on listed as high. The nurse makes the recommendation for her to consider getting on a prehypertension medication. B responds with anger and mal manners. After seeing the doctor B and getting what she came in for, B leaves in a hot temper.

Per usual, B stops into her favorite fast food drive though to get some food and a change of state. After the drive through B heads to a local convenience store where she goes inside to grab more items of comfort. She returns to her car with a half pint of her favorite gelato, two of her favorite candy bars, and bag of her favorite nacho cheese potato chips, and a 750oz of bourbon and a liter of coke. The night is about to begin.