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Congratulations! It’s mid-June and the vacation bags are packed. It’s time for you to hit the beach and take some much-needed TLC. It’s great really! You’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, most of the year in fact. However, we have come across a problem....

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The ESSENTIAL Supplement List

Supplements can be an overwhelming topic that often motivates many looking to step their health/fitness up to turn heads when the topic surfaces. Why? Take your pick, price, push sales man, the thousands of items, and the notion of having to take EVERYTHING if you...

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Nick’s Notes : What kind of life will you CHOOSE to lead?

Take a moment to put down whatever you have and separate yourself for a moment from any tasks you may be involved with. Close your eyes for one two minutes and go back. Go back in time to a moment(s) when you were a youngster and were a dreamer. What did you imagine?...

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