Congratulations! It’s mid-June and the vacation bags are packed. It’s time for you to hit the beach and take some much-needed TLC. It’s great really! You’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, most of the year in fact.

However, we have come across a problem. It’s time to put your beach attire on and you are NOWHERE near the kind of shape you’d like to be. Fellas, many of you are looking at your mid-section. With one hand on your belly and another on your head, scratching, you ask yourself the question, HOW?

Or ladies, maybe you’ve found yourself shopping at one of your favorite stores. After picking out a few options to try, you make the decision that not only are you not buying, but you won’t even go out in front of the public mirrors in the dressing room. Why, because of how you feel about the extra “jiggle” that’s found itself on your hamstrings, thighs, and butt.

Regardless of where you stand, all of us know EXACTLY what this feeling feels like. We ALL get excited and dread the summertime. This is a problem. We are meant to enjoy one of the best times of year. All year long you anticipate this time. Day in and day out you work your ass off and save up the time off you will need to “go away” and just enjoy yourself. To put it simply, we’ve crushed the entire motive behind the vacation because of how WE FEEL ABOUT OUR BODIES.

Bad news is this is a permeating feeling that consumes so many of us it’s not EVEN worth counting. This is a problem. There is a lack of awareness and power. The time is now! For what? TO TAKE BACK YOUR POWER and build a worthy body YOU can feel happy and proud of. NO MORE compromising your feelings and energies towards low self confidence or doubt. It’s time to step into that greatness, and receive what has always been yours, self confidence and the happiness that comes with it.

Taking back your power can be difficult and daunting IF YOU don’t have a plan, know what to do, or have obstacles in your path. Lucky for you, I’ve identified 5 KEY STRATEGIES ANYONE can implement to get that bod in the kind of shape you will be proud to show when the sun comes out.


    1. Get Clarity – Know in Advanced exactly what kind of body your proud of. If you feel extremely ambitious, shoot for the stars and aim high. But, NO NEED to feel like YOU must look like a professional fitness model. The idea is to SIMPLY EXPLOIT WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL CONFIDENT within yourself.
    2. Get WATER – One of the most underrated components to acquiring a dream body for the summer is blatant water consumption. The dilemmas that haunt the average day to day worker are frequent consumptions of beverages high in sugar, artificial sweeteners, AND CAFFIENE! Being intentional and concise with the amount of water you drink will help detoxify your body and increase your energy.
    3. GET SLEEP – It’s a fact. Missing hours of sleep will lead to fatigue, poor hormone regulation, increased vulnerability in weight gain, depression, and a significant increase in aging. BOTTOM LINE GET 7-8 HOURS OF SLEEP.
    4. GET Frequent exercise – No real magic here. If you have a regime start basic. Then over time, find a way to innovate your program to maximize your results. Hiring trainer can be helpful. In addition, taking classes will help you push yourself above and beyond your mental limitations. The goal here is consistency. So, need to sign up for a body building show, race, or variable competition (unless your heart is in it). Exercise burns calories, burning calories will help the body metabolize fat, therein lead to a tighter and more comfortable physique.
    5. GET disciplined with your eating habits – Okay, it’s simple really. If it looks delicious, and it doesn’t expire in 4 days of sitting in the refrigerator, then you probably SHOULDN’T EAT IT. Getting professional help from a credentialed specialist will help you identify EXACTLY what you should and shouldn’t be eating. Also, learning to cook and taking meals with you is an excellent strategy. If you find yourself hungry and without a meal ready to slip into the microwave, then chances are you are gambling with your appetite. Don’t make that gamble. Be intentional and prepare for success. Bringing food is a top tier strategy for keeping the love handles off, glutes tight, and six pack abs visible. Follow in these steps, and your physique will immolate the hard work. GO TIME!!