It has now been 10 months to date since we first caught up with A and B. | NattFitness

It has now been 10 months to date since we first caught up with A and B. A lot has happened in what appears to be just under a year. Both have made critical decisions. Over time, both A and B have seen their lives, starting out from a very similar point of view, radically change. One has made genuine shifts and is now doing a hell of a lot better. The other, has seen pretty elaborate shifts. Most of these are not for the better. Looking further, lets see if we can distinguish who is who.

After last catching up with A, she had just started a developed a very new relationship. She also had made the decision to engage in a half marathon. In addition to many proactive changes to her health, A has been running frequently with a new group of friends. A attends toga class frequently, and in addition has made quite the impression at work.

B on the other hand has had a different story with her health. After frequently getting sick, she went in to see her doctor and was quickly offended by the recommendation to get on pre-hypertension medication. Things don’t stop there however; B has also developed a reputation at work. Needless to say, it’s quite the contrary one to A. She has alienated herself, made enemies through gossip, and has made upper management use a magnifying glass to watch her every step. A finds herself using food and alcohol as frequent coping mechanisms to deal with the increase of chronic stress in her life.

At this point, it’s probably pretty evident who is suffering and who is thriving.

Let’s look at these two individuals at 10 months. This is 4 months after last catching up with them.

The alarm clocks sounds off at 3:30 in the morning. A wakes up, and after a quick stretch and yaw finds her way to the bathroom. She turns the knob to the cold and hops in a cold shower. After completing a new strategy, she learned from her coach called the “WimHof Method” A finds herself in her living room in one of her most comforting chairs. She sits with her headphones on and begins a fifteen-minute mediation on competition and relaxation. Once finishing, A runs to the kitchen to drink a twelve-ounce glass of water with half lemon and a quarter of pink Himalayan salt. To follow she consumes a healthy and very calorically dense breakfast. Once she’s done, she calls he boyfriend to confirm their meet up. She grabs her bag packed the night before and is off. Where To? Today is the day that A and he boyfriend along with three of her friends from her running group will accomplish their goal of running the half marathon planned six months ago. The time has come, and A is off with her group. Hours have passed and to A’s delight she has soared. She crosses the finished line completely physically and emotionally overwhelmed. She is met by her coach, her friends from work, one of which is her immediate supervisor, her boyfriend, and the remaining friends of her running group. This has become one of A’s biggest accomplishments. The feelings of love, joy, accomplishment, fulfillment, and genuine happiness are encompassing every inch of her body.

After the race, the group decides to celebrate at a local brunch location. A has a great time eating delicious food, sharing her story and feeling s of the journey she has just accomplished with her friends, and is surprised by a brand-new watch given to her by her boyfriend from accomplishing her goal.

At the end of the day, A gets a very unusual call. It is her supervisor who she had just seen the earlier in the morning. On edge, A takes the call. She is given very little information except that she is to report to the 4th floor of her office building and meet her supervisor as well as three members of the executive team for her company first thing Monday morning. The anxiety builds as does the anticipation. It’s Saturday evening now. A spends much of her Sunday being counseled by her boyfriend that everything is fine, and she should have nothing to worry. After another mediation, A agrees to let things fall as they may. After completing her morning run and morning routine, A shows up to work ten minutes early. She fins herself in the elevator with her hands sweating and heartbeat racing to what seems to be a peak running state. Stepping off, she is greeted by an assistant to the executive team she has never met before. She is asked to follow where she is guided to a conference room where only C level executives meet. Needless to say, this is A’s first time in this room. Across from her are standing her direct supervisor, Vice president of the company, Chief Operations Officer, and the Manager of Human Resources. A immediately begins to breath heavily as she is asked to take a seat. After a brief exchange of pleasantries and a congratulations from the team on her recent accomplishment, A is confronted about her performance from the Vice President. She is told that her work and performance has been under review for months now. Her reputation and work has caught the attention of many of the members of the office. This impact in large has had a proactive and overall positive impact o the business. People are beginning to engage more, feel happier, take more pride in their work, and are a lot more consistent with attention to detail. They go on to tell her that a lot of this is due to her influence of stepping up. With the recent increases in performance and consistent leadership displayed inside as well as out of the office, A is offered a promotion. This promotion would mean that she will be working in more creative and direct impactful ways to the company. It will mean more responsibility in addition to an increase in her benefits package, now profit sharing, and a pretty significant pay raise. A is elated and accepts the offer. To her, life has completely changed.

Let’s connect with B. B has spent a lot of her time in isolation. Sine her doctors visit, B has become growingly insecure. After an abrupt argument with a close family member of the recommendation of joining a gym, B has become more aware of what appears to be a heightened temper. To cope, she has chosen to ostracize herself. She doesn’t spend much time out with friends at happy hour anymore. In addition, she has become more of a reclose and does not seem to have much of an interaction at work. Instead B finds herself more inf front of the TV watching her favorite shows and eating her favorite foods. One Saturday morning, B wakes up and begins her day by watching TV. She see’s a TV advertising her favorite band ad a little girl growing up on tour. The tour will be hitting her city, and the only way she is able to attend is by going to a specific box office to purchase tickets. Knowing these tickets will sell out quickly, B runs upstairs to get dressed. It’s the first time in a while she has been this excited over anything. B picks up her cell to call two of her closest friends while going through her closet simultaneously. B is met with an automatic message twice from one of her friends. Unaware as to why her friend seems to be ducking her calls, she calls the other one. She is met with a less than un-enthusiastic call. B, excited, explains what is going on and offers her friend to join her at the concert. With a sharp and offensive tone, her friend explains that she has plans that day and will not be going with her. Quickly offended by the call B rushes the call and hangs up. During what seems to be a growing temper, B becomes even more tempered as she begins to realize that most of her clothes do not fit her. She throughs together something that seems to be some of her last items that fit. In a rush to get to the box office, B continues to dwell on her opinion of how the calls wet down earlier that morning. B begins to feel upset, and down. Upon reaching the box office B is met with an extraordinarily long line. She is forced to wait. After more than 45 minutes of waiting, B is met with some bad news to the cashier. The seats she was interested in purchasing are all sold out. She is able to purchase seats for an additional cost. In a heated rage and convinced that this in an colossal act against the fans to get more money, B chooses NOT to attend. She is asked to step aside. In her anger she brews up a temper. In what seems to be months of frustrations, B goes off. She begins to talk about conspiracy theory of commercialism. She brews an argument with the attendant, the front office manager, and now a security guard. B refuses to leave. The front office calls the police department and explains the circumstance. B is met by two officers who are able to quickly diffuse the situation with a threat that B will be arrested for disturbing the peace if she doe does not leave. In fear of getting into more trouble than she can afford, B leaves. Hanging her head in self pity and embarrassment, B breaks. At her car, she begins to sob veraciously. At this point, B has reached rock bottom. She is now fat and extremely overweight. She has pushed her friends away; ad is stuck at a job she doesn’t like. Most of her days are surrounded by TV, food that is slowly killing her, and alcohol. She has begun thinking about how all of this happened. This only perpetuates the tantrum and sobbing cry. B is unaware of what to do. She wished she could call her friends but knows that she has offended them in one way and is likely to be met with some level of engagement as she was earlier that morning on the calls made. After a few moments of settling down, B composes herself and decides to head home. Still emotionally broken, B sits in front of the television and decides to flip through the channels. She encounters an infomercial. Unsure of how, B feels a sense of familiarity and connectedness. She has seen this infomercial before. Then it clicks, this is the infomercial she saw nearly 10 months ago. B watches the entire infomercial and writes down the number. She decides that if she doesn’t feel better by morning, she is going to call.