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It’s been approximately ten days since the shift in behaviors that A has adopted into his/her life. Simultaneously, A has also attracted the attention of a running group. These individuals wake up roughly the same time five days a week and run different patterns. So not only has work, lifestyle, eating habits changed, A has found a way to innovate the excitement of his/her workout habits as well.

If we were to look at the consistency and evaluate it along with the overall metrics of the other shifts to behavior, you may notice subtle differences. A has a heightened increase in self-confidence. Where does this come from? A steps on the scale and is only weighing two pounds down from his/her normal weight. A goes to work and has not received any commemoration or praise for the shifts in behavior. There is also no boost in pay. Lastly, there is a new stressor. A has gotten into a fight with a friend who she/he used to spend many of the weekends with drinking and eating out. Their fight brews over the disconnection of not spending a lot of time together. A and friend exchange words and are now on a sabbatical for talking. As mentioned above however, A still has a dramatic increase in confidence. This is because of the elevated credibility to herself/himself. A has not only been spot on with the execution of the new behaviors, but A has begun to celebrate it by commemorating herself/himself. Why? At former time in A’s life, there used to be a serious disconnect between the things that would be said, and what would be done. Not bad for ten days. But nothing to brag about.

Let’s look at B.

B has woken up from the night’s sleep and goes through the typical morning of snooze button to snooze button. Finally, after finding his/her way to the bathroom, B moves to the kitchen for a warm cup of coffee. Meanwhile, B also makes a double expresso. After realizing that ten minutes have somewhere evaporated into nowhere, the spike in anxiety occurs and B rushes to get ready for work. As usual, B does not eat breakfast. After a rigorous and long day at work, B has decided to treat himself/herself to a movie night and will go home to order Grub Hub with the few favorite dishes and snacks. Upon stepping through the door, B’s shoes fly off and the TV on. Sedated, enamored, and distracted, B watches show after show for hours and hours while consuming an entire days’ worth of calories in some very delicious fast food and snacks. Before getting ready for bed, lets look at B’s circumstances. There is no boost in confidence. Yet, there is no drop-in day to day satisfaction that we can attest. Simultaneously, B has not received any accolades at work either. B also does not have to worry about an argument with his/her friend. They’ve already made plans to go to a series of breweries this weekend and top it off with a keg party to “wash the week off”.

From what we can see from the two characters A and B, there aren’t any new deviant life altering circumstances worth noting. There is a plus to A’s self-confidence. However, there is also a boost in anxiety because of a falling out. Where do you begin to see the lives of thee two go from here after three months’ time? …

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