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Last time we caught with the two ladies we saw quite an extraordinary shift playout where they are in their lives.A seems to be on the incline. As a result of her choices and efficient decision making, she is accomplishing major life goals. To top it all off, she has been notified by her executive team that she will be receiving a promotion.

On the other hand, B seems to be having a hell of a time with everything. After a burst and embarrassing break out session over a displeasing call to action regarding a ticket purchase to see a favorite music group, she has encountered massive loneliness. Her friends she used to once connect with over happy hours are now avoiding her. She is having a rather difficult time adjusting, emotionally and psychologically, to the weight gain that is now physically very apparent. She isn’t happy at work, and neither are her peers and the many who she works with. Needless to say, B is on the verge of breaking. Just before this happens, like many of the other nights, B finds herself in front of the TV connecting to a commercial she saw months and months ago. As a matter of fact, it is the same commercial A saw. A decided what has now three months into a new year, (15 months ago) that she was going to action and call the number. We are on the edge of our seats; B has made an ultimatum with herself if she will be calling the number or not

With a year and change over our belts lets take one final look at A and B.

Looking at A’s life has been quite the story. Since her promotion, A is officially one week into her new role. She has just graduated the company’s required training for her. A is very pleased with the role. She is being challenged daily and still has a lot she is learning about the job and an entirely new staff. Although she still engages and see’s many of her former colleagues, A has a completely new team. To say that her work keeps her occupied in an understatement. But the work is meaningful and adds values to her life. She loves being challenges. Things can only appear to keep on the upward path for A in her occupation.

A has now been with her boyfriend for almost a year. A has just agreed to a late dinner date on Saturday. Although date night is nothing out of the ordinary, A seems to notice a different energy and tonality with this request. Agrees to go to dinner. Once reaching the restaurant, the two exchange some pleasantries and brief greetings. When A decides to dismantle the small talk with the question of WHY she was asked on this date, her boyfriend reveals his intentions. He responds with an explanation that he wishes to take things to the next level once again. He is very happy with he progresses they are making individually as well as a couple. He confesses, “One day I’d like to marry you”. Although this is not his proposal, he has put his wishes for his intent and their future out there. Without reluctance, A agrees. She has shared her feelings of her genuine interest in them sharing their life as one of her focal priorities. After receiving a promising response, A’s boyfriend asks her to move in. He is almost done with his lease and will need to resign. He has explained that there are 3 critical reasons he would love to take things to the next level. One being his love and admiration for her and the relationship they share. Two, since things are financially looking up for the both of them, they would be able to afford somewhere worth putting down roots. Finally, he has explained that if they lived together, it would be a great look into the fit of their life prior to taking the last step.

A sits back in her chair. In love and completely taken aback she first once to take in the moment. After getting ahold of her breath, A responds. She explains that she is both excited and scared. She conveys her thoughts of uneasy by saying this is a huge step, and she has NEVER lived with a man before. She also explains the dynamic of being very close in proximity daily. The couple sees one another at very inadvertent times throughout the week. But, to say the least A, just wonders how one another having so close will play out.

As a whole, she is also excited. Her love for someone else has never been deeper. She loves the connection and strong devotion they have to be disciplined and happy people. A sits for a few more moments, then she decides, YES.

On the last of this look at A let’s remember that A had just achieved a major goal almost four months ago. She ran her first half marathon. At this point, A has become a role model in her work, running, and yoga community. A eats well and feels stronger and healthier than ever. Since the last race, A has chosen to continue her consistent practices towards her health. Her coach as challenged her with yet another goal. A has accepted and declared. In five months’, time, she will run a full 26.3-mile marathon. This will be her first. Anxious and excited, A is living a life of discomfort. But the discomfort and growth have allowed her to take things to the next level. Not just in one, but in ALL dynamics of her life. A has cultivated a mindset that’s allowed her to excel.

To just think, 15 months ago, A was on the verge of the early stages of a very different mindset and perspective. She was living comfortably and making decisions contrary to the level she is now. The desire to live a better life, is something she always knew she wanted. She didn’t have the know how in every situation or circumstance. For that matter, in many circumstances she didn’t possesses any know how. A made a decision. That decision was to live disciplined. Since living disciplined, she has learned new skills and put the skills to work. The utility of those skills has allowed her to take her life from one compounded decision to an extraordinary level. That is the power of adapting towards proactive thinking and growth mindedness.

B has lived a very deviant 15 months than A. B has unknowingly made a series of bad decisions that were usually followed by something that would allow her to feel better short term. In term, this would ALSO turn out as a bad decision. As a result, B has not been happy very much nor fulfilled. The beginning of some hopeful changed lie on the tip of a breaking point. Let’s see where B has chosen to go next.

B woke up from a bad night’s sleep and immediately started her day off with the usual rushing and worrying. At this point, it’s only the a few hours into the morning but B is already full of stress and anxiety. She is running around from one location to the next trying to complete a list of tasks has just caused her to feel like she has no grip on the day. After approaching a stoplight, B’s phone rings, as she looks down, she can see that the caller ID reveals the identity of one of her friends who has been avoiding her. In a brief moment of distraction, B runs a red light on accident. To no dismay, B receives an aggressive and extensive horn from the other driver who came within inches of almost hitting her. In a sudden panic, B pulls over to the side of the road. Her heart races a million beats per minute. Out of breath and completely emulsified in self-pity, B begins to cry, this cry however does not slow or stop. It has happened, B is in the middle of an emotional and mental meltdown. In the most convenient of definitions, B has hit ground zero.

In a rare panic to just want to feel better. Not just in the moment, B begins to talk out loud. She explains that she has had enough. Elaborating, she explains that being overweight, isolated by her peers at work, her friends, and feeling unhappy for so long have gotten the best of her. The crying begins to slow and simmer. A few moments pass, and B is able to regain her breath and thought. It is in that moment that she says a remark that clarifies everything she feels. She simply wants different for her life. Then something incredible happens. B asks a questions. The question was, “What do I do to make things better?”. In that moment B remembers that she had a missed call from one of her friends. She dials the number and calls. There is no answer. During the message, B opens up and begins to explain to her friend that she has had quite the series of unfortunate event play out over what seems to be the last year. She ends the conversations with an expression of her desire to want to connect. Then, B hangs up. It is in that moment that B remembers she commercial viewed the night previously. She begins to think deeply. She wonders what the calling the number on the commercial would be able to do. Immediately, B closes her eyes and begins to imagine. She imagines being lean and healthy. Then a mental representation of her hanging out with her friends consumes the space. Lastly, she envisions waking up and going to a job with purpose and not feeling micromanaged. In an instant, B calls the number on her phone. After three rings, B hangs up. Why? Because, B begins to have fears. What if she is sold into something that is a scam. She begins to think of the mess she is in and thinks about having to tell her circumstances to a stranger. This immobilizes her and begins to surface that anxiety. Before things take off and the anxiety builds, B is met with a phone call. It’s her friend. She answers with hysteria. She is greeted by a warm and welcoming tone. Her friend asks what’s going on. After a calming breath, B regains her focus, and explains what has been going on. B begins with her most recent distresses. Then, she winds her way back in time towards various events. Her friends express a deep level of compassion for B. Following, B’s friends begins to tell her how much she has been missed. She then goes on to share what her last months have been like as well. Needless to say, B is feeling a lot better. She realizes in that moment that she’s not the only one who has forgone difficult times in the past.

As the conversation has unfolded, B is reminded of her brief imagery session prior to the call. In short thought, B reveals that she has contemplated calling this number from the commercial viewed the night before. A long pause holds the conversation. After the silence is broken by a cough from B to ensue some kind of interaction, her friends follow up that she too has seen the commercial days ago. She explains that although there have been wishes to call, she has been reluctant. The reluctancy comes from the fear of being judged. B boldly interrupts, “that’s exactly why I called and hung up”. B has a calming spirit. She feels connected. Despite recent circumstances and issues, she is elated to talk to her friend. For the first time in months, B is feeling better and is experiencing short bouts of happiness. It is in that moment that B decides she wants to be a victor She no longer wants to feel the feelings of remorse, self-pity or self-loathing. She is ready to step up and make shifts to her life. B decides right there and then that she is going to call again. Her friend agrees to call. In that moment, they decide to hold one anther accountable. With a few sincere exchange of wishes, B and friend finish the conversation and hang up. B deeply inhales and takes four deep breaths. After, she dials the number she called, and begins a process of self-discovery. The conversation, although short, has brought so much to light. B is able to talk with someone who just seems to understand everything she is feeling and thinking. With it, she decides that she is willing to commitment to living at a higher standard and adopting a new way of thinking. This begins the cycle of change for B.