Nick’s Notes : What kind of life will you CHOOSE to lead? | NattFitness

Take a moment to put down whatever you have and separate yourself for a moment from any tasks you may be involved with.

Close your eyes for one two minutes and go back. Go back in time to a moment(s) when you were a youngster and were a dreamer. What did you imagine? How frequently did you think of that dream? Did you have any doubts about that dream ever becoming real? Or, were you precise and full of conviction? What was your dream?

Now that you’ve returned to the present, let me ask you an honest question. What did your body feel when you brought yourself back to that time in your life? Was it exhilarating? Was it fresh in your mind as if you thought about it yesterday? Or, was it vague? Did you have a hard time connecting with previous imagery? There is a specific reason I bring that up. Prior to telling you why, let me first just explain, there is no right or wrong way to go about that previous mental exercise. Whatever you felt/saw happened exactly by intention, not by accident.

So, back to my reasons why I made you take a stroll down memory lane.

Are you currently living your highest life? Are you amid becoming your best self? Does your current life (from a feeling standpoint) reflect that which you had planned for yourself as a kid? If not, (understand there is nothing wrong with your answer) my question is simply what happened in your life that has digressed you?

If you’re like most people, you probably aren’t entirely sure. But, if backtracking was an absolute must, where did the journey shift? I would argue that it had something to do with adolescence or early adulthood.

As we get older, we increase the level of pressure and responsibilities in our life. We begin to stand less and less for what we think, believe, feel, and dream of. We often find ourselves adopting the rational of the modern society which tells us EXACTLY what we can/should do and the contrary. This become the ethos, and before you know it, you’re making day to day decisions for someone perspective of your life rather than your own.

This would not be all that bad except for the sole reasons and consequences of the question I asked much earlier. If you aren’t living the life you once dreamed or envisioned, you are likely NOT moving in alignment with that journey. Instead you’re probably ‘CONTENT” with “good enough”, rational or “I’m fine with” types of thinking. These kinds of thoughts limit your perspective on WHAT is available to you in THIS life.

Most people are living out consequences of the short-term decisions they made about their lives from the perspectives of others that have you plans for you. To me, this is a major contributing source to depression, substance abuse, low self-esteem, victim mentality, reactive thinking, and the like.

The consequences are vast and VERY apparent in our society. You see them everywhere. Why are these so abundant? Simple! People have compromised and are doing but NOT dreaming any longer. The day to day pressure of creating a life, keeping up with the Jones’s, or lack of self-respect have left us burdening what happens as a byproduct of not answering the call. What is the call?

The call is the reason why YOU and I were brought here. It’s to live out purpose. It’s to be a part of something bigger than yourself. It’s about service and enhancing life. It’s about skill acquisition, and the development of ourselves that will allow us to impact the world through THE DREAMS we once set.

So, I ask this of you? If you are dissatisfied, disgruntled, unhappy, or just flat out frustrated with where your life has ended up as a result of the decisions you’ve made, then what is your future going to look like?…

Allow me one last time to imagine what your life would look, taste, feel, and energetically give to you if you were living a form of or THAT very exact dream you once declared for yourself?

My hope would be that your answer is along side of feeling fulfilled, genuinely happy, full of vitality, confident, and full of gratitude. All these quintessential emotions are available to you. Life can be WHATEVER you make of it. If you choose the ladder of living out your dream, accept that change will likely take you down a path of progression in the area you DON’T want to go.

On the other hand, if you submit yourself to your DESIRE and become the ultimate evangelist of your life, what impact will you leave on the world. How will your purpose be best executed?

What kind of life will you CHOOSE to lead?