The 5 primary reasons 90% of people WILL not reach their fitness resolutions this New Year. | NattFitness

Happy new year. Another year is currently upon us, and with it are the ever so evident New Year’s resolutions. Despite your thoughts about those who make resolutions, lets agree that you cannot shame the notion of someone taking an action to resolve a problem that’s been hindering their health and fitness. Needless to say, the “bad reputation” still exists and surfaces every new year. Why, simple. Every year we find individuals who find their way into the weight rooms and gyms in our local area. Before we’re ever able to really get to know these people, we begin to see a decline in the attendance. The drop off becomes focal like moths to an open campfire. Why does this happen year after year? Believe it or not, its actually by design. Most aren’t aware of it, but the decisions and indecisions of the everyday actions are the result of the failure to see the greener grass. There re many “possible reasons as to why this happens. Here are the most practical and simple five broken down.

1) Lack of Vision – As people move towards a goal. Many can tell you what they are going to do once they get to the gym. Or what they are going to buy from the grocery store. What becomes clear the moment that the majority are met with conflict or adversity is that they cannot tell you EXACTLY WHY the decisions have been made to implement the tasks they now spend so much time executing on. As time will have it, without that clarity, the motivation dwindles, and the execution diminishes. Now, we are back at square one, no results.

2) Poor EMOTIONAL relevance – Knowing what you want to achieve in your health is only half the battle. Without “AT LEAST ONE” significant reason WHY this is important (why life will be better with this result) to have, the energy within the cause will dry. The level of demand overwhelms the willpower and eventually the bottom drops out once again.

3) Lack of Strategic Implementation – We have all heard the phrase, “don’t work hard, work smart”. The phrase is indeed relevant. However, it only address part of the problem. To acquire specific outcomes, once must engage in specific behaviors and concepts. Without knowing what those concepts or how to utilize them will likely leave one firing rounds into the sky “hoping” t hit something. Over time, it becomes pointless/hopeless and then the effort falls.

4) Poor resilience – All great things take time. How much? Depends on the “thing” and the individual who is going after it. What’s commonly discovered AFTER the pursuit is started is that the work towards reaching the goal often exceeds the initial expectation. Without the strength in the resilience and ability to adapt and persists, the willpower ceases, and individuals cower at the thought of trying once again.

5) Environmental awareness – Last but certainly one of the MOST IMPORTANT reasons we see resolutions get dunked in the garbage is a failure to identify the surrounding environment. To plant a seed that we hope will germinate and prosper, we must first know that it needs the proper soil to do so. Resolutions aren’t any different. No matter what we decided to do. If our environment where we spend an enormous amount of time is not set up in a way that supports the efforts or psychology needed to succeed, we will likely be influenced to back out of our ambitions and settle.