The ESSENTIAL Supplement List | NattFitness

Supplements can be an overwhelming topic that often motivates many looking to step their health/fitness up to turn heads when the topic surfaces. Why? Take your pick, price, push sales man, the thousands of items, and the notion of having to take EVERYTHING if you want to be successful.

In addition to all that stress, the concept of learning which supplements to take at various times can cause you to hide from the idea entirely like a hot sun on an Arizona summer afternoon.

Lastly, knowing what you need to take can be difficult if you don’t have an education behind navigating Nutrition and Fitness.

Therefore, a resolve is in order. Here is a list of supplements that can be taken by the MAJORITY. Despite the goal you have for your fitness goals or health needs, these will suffice in answering many questions, and offer a simple approach to the answers you seek. Overall this can help reduce the fears and stressors behind the concept once and for all.


1. Fermented “Essential” Amino Acids:
Fermented amino acids are derived from plants. Amino acids make up the building blocks for muscle. To ensure that your body is constantly repairing the muscles damaged during physical activity and exercise, essential amino acids are needed. Finding a good supplement to take during an exercise regime is an excellent way to trigger MPS also known as “muscle protein synthesis”. This will help protect your muscles and aid in recovery

2. Multivitamin:
Adopting a multi vitamin to your daily eating lifestyle can be extraordinarily beneficial. In the modern Western lifestyle common we often find ourselves lacking the daily recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables. Even if a moderately balanced diet is consumed, it can still be difficult to find a balance of essential “phytonutrients” and “Minerals”. Getting a multi vitamin a in your diet at least once A-day can help keep the body in homeostasis.

3. Omega 3 (flax or fish oil):
Known as one of the most popular supplements in the modern day. The omega 3 trans fatty acid does it all. Benefits include keeping your skin healthy, protecting vital organs, stimulating your metabolism, and even increasing blood flow to the brain and so much more. For this reason, it is often referred to as the miracle pill.

4. Probiotics:
Probiotics are a series of different micro organisms that live in your gastro intestinal system. These microbes help break down food and equate balance from the digestive track into the rest of the body. There is a benefit to consuming probiotics. As a whole, they will help balance the division between good and bad got bacteria essential for optimal health functioning.

5. Protein (whey or plant based):
Protein is probably the most commonly well known supplement of them all. Exercise and other forms are of movement break down muscle tissue. This is known as going catabolic. Taking protein is a balance of essential and non essential amino acids. Combined, these work together to prevent further breakdown of the body and central nervous system. In addition, protein will help recover the entire body and also provide a platform for mussels and other tissues use to recover. This can also be known as going anabolic.