What would you say if you were able to conduct an experiment on yourself? | NattFitness

In short, you would be able to still be you with the upbringing you’ve received. At the age of eighteen, you are now split into two’s. There is you A and you B. For the sake of the experiment we will just classify these versions of yourself as A or B.

Let’s say that you are the kind of person who doesn’t like mornings, can be extremely emotionally volatile over stressful circumstances, and you do not like taking criticism of any kind. Likewise, you are a person who would consider himself/herself with a sweet tooth. You grew up eating hearty but not exactly healthy. You are extremely active and love athletics. One of your favorite things to do is spend time with friends, watch your favorite TV shows, and doing anything competitive. As a basis, let’s say A and B share these characteristics 100%.

Now, let the experiment begin. A wake up one Saturday morning and usually starts the morning off with turning on the TV. All the while, A flips to a channel and see’s something on TV about transformation. Most of it is physical, but the words, the narratives, and even the verbal awareness of the story taking place appears to be remarkable. Inspired, A begins to hop on the internet and see’s that through a series of simple measures and modifiable changes to lifestyle, the individuals on the TV were able to make dramatic changes to their lives economically, emotionally, and physically. A decides to do an inventory of life as it is. Making five simple changes, A decides that she/he will now get up one hour earlier prior to the usual time to go for a run (regardless of the distance). A will also stop skipping breakfast and eat a well balanced and appetizing meal prior to leaving for work. Once being at work, A will stay one hour longer then is required to get caught up or ahead of work. Instead of coming home to watch the TV, a will head to the basketball or tennis court to play a few pickup games/matches with some local friends. Lastly, before going to bed, A will read approximately 20 minutes of a book.

Let’s look at B. B wakes up and forgoes Saturday just as A did. Except the contrary happens. B does not take to the changes after watching the TV and goes on to live life as is. Most of the morning is spent watching TV for three hours or so. Instead of going to the gym, B meets up for some fast food with a few friends, then gets into some chores at home Tired from the “crash” B takes a nap. A call wakes B up to come out for food and drinks. B complies. After a full late night of fast mal-nutritious food and over consumption of alcohol, B wakes up the following Monday at the regular scheduled time. B is hungover, lethargic, and feels the onset of a cold coming on. To try to get the “fix” B rushes to the kitchen to start up a pot of coffee only to realize she/he is going to be 15 mins late. Then the morning begins to cause anxiety and stress. On the way out the door, B grabs another coffee with 2 pumps of cream and 3 sugars. B does not eat breakfast. Imagining how the day goes, at 5pm sharp, B is already making his/her way to the elevator to call it a day. Waiting for B is a stop on the way home to his/her favorite fast food followed by another three hours of TV watching.

Here is my question to you, over the next three months, six months, and year, what do you foresee as the trajectory for the kind of life for A and B?

Find out next week…