Abs, Energy, & Confidence

The 4 Keys to Achieving the Holy Trifecta

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What We All Want and Why

What we are all after, what we truly want, is simple. We want to look, feel, and perform at the best possible level. Like I said, simple! But if it is so damn simple, then why is it that most people don’t have these three things?

Limitless Energy

What the Hell is Energy and Where Does It Come from? Energy is a word with many different definitions depending on the context within which you are discussing it.

Confidence and Swagger

Have you ever been in a situation where you had total certainty in yourself and your abilities? It is a feeling of certainty in yourself and your abilities that transcends hectic circumstances, uncertainty, and lack of experience.

Abs, Abs, ABS!

If you are genuinely consistent with your training, diet, and recovery and you still have not seen any sort of abdominal definition, then why the hell are you still with the same workout program?

"Get out there. Start training, start eating right, start doing shit that scares you, and remember. Never, ever, ever, ever, EVER give up."

- Nicholas Natt

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