This 45 Day Challenge is designed to help ANYONE manifest an identity shift to their way of thinking, decision making, and mindset


Calling all MEN & WOMEN, old or young. who “RECOGNIZE” that they have THE Potential to develop or acquire more with their life in the dimensions of energy, overall fitness, general well-being, mindset, emotional balance, and awareness.

The 45-day trial uses a three PHASE period (15 day at a time) to help people connect and access the inner depth of their minds. The objective focus is to use tools that engage the body such as nutrition and fitness protocols to develop a base platform. Building on that base platform to enhance specific disciplines that will deepen self-awareness, discipline, priority skill training, goal setting, and more are incorporated in the next phases to follow.

The challenge is organized around these principles:
- Setting and achieving goals.
- Daily motivation to help align your mindset.
- Creating new habits around sleep, diet, reading, writing, technology etc.
- Integrating in your own type of excercise.


Approaching the end of the 45-day challenge will offer both the clarity AND confidence needed to attack any area(s) of your life that you wish to conquer or change for the better. The program will build confidence and reveal ins and outs on HOW to consistently execute the self-discipline to setting and ACTIVELY working on towards goals. This IS THE ultimate first step METHOD TO work towards homing in self-mastery.

My name is Nicholas Natt (Nick). I've been able to inspire people in the health and self development industries by becoming a International Federation BodyBuilding Professional Athlete (Ifbb pro), Co-Owner to Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness (RMFF/Gym), Published Fitness Model (Appearing in Muscle & Fitness and FLEX magazine), and Hold a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Colorado State University (CSU). With these accolades I've been able to help thousands of people all across the country live more fulfilled and healthier lives.

I've chosen to HELP YOU because like you, I felt like I always knew there was a way to become a better version of myself. Although I may have underachieved at times, I knew my future was paved for greatness, I just needed to LEARN EXACTLY HOW to make it happen.

Locking in on the 45 day challenge WILL develop your self discipline and fundamental way of looking at challenges. After a successful completion of the program, you can expect to take accountability for all that happens in your life and become capable of transcending ANY obstacle THAT STANDS BETWEEN WHERE YOU MAY CURRENTLY BE AND THE GOALS YOU WISH TO ACHIEVE.

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